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There are over 70 million youth in North America. That’s a lot of good ideas.

Popular Ideas

Rural Biogas. Low cost biogas pr...

Yajaira Romero De Anda

Generate biogas from animal excreta (porcine and bovine), to be used as fuel in those communities where families have...

Net Votes: 27 Number of Comments: 11

Worm Composting of Dog Droppings


Pet waste often ends up in plastic bags that are thrown into the trash cans found in our homes, roads, streets, parks...

Net Votes: 15 Number of Comments: 8

Sustainable lighting for margina...

moises venegas samperio

The problem of climate change, economic poverty in Mexico, the increase in electricity prices and the tendency to wor...

Net Votes: 10 Number of Comments: 5

met: Metagenetic Enrichment Tool...

David Molik

Background: Scientists, conservationists, and medical professionals use metabarcoding to locate species of microbes i...

Net Votes: 10 Number of Comments: 5

Join the North American Youth Innovation Challenge Community!

Submit your bold idea for the chance to receive C$5,000 in seed funding and present your innovation to North America’s top environmental officials in Oklahoma City, United States this summer.

North America is facing urgent and complex sustainability challenges. Citizen leadership—including youth—is more important than ever to keep the momentum going toward the adoption of cleaner, carbon-neutral technologies and policies that ensure sustainable growth and job creation across North America.

As today’s visionaries and tomorrow’s decision-makers, young leaders will drive the green growth innovations that are critical to a sustainable future.

Canada, Mexico and the United States need innovative science, technology and business solutions to North American's shared sustainability challenges. Students and young entrepreneurs are encouraged to share innovative ideas that:

  • Create better or more effective products, processes, services, technologies, business models, marketing, supply chains and/or partnerships for the benefit of society, the economy and the environment.
  • Contribute to the natural asset base of North American economies, creating green jobs and/or economic opportunities for citizens in North America;
  • Make good business sense in terms of profitability and potential for growth.

Show us what you've got! Submit your bright idea and benefit from the collective intelligence of youth across North America.

Make sure to tell us about your green idea on the Youth Innovation Challenge Facebook page or Twitter using the #Youth4Innovation hashtag! Follow the CEC on Facebook at or on Twitter at


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