Idea Phase (15 January-3 April 2018)

Rural Biogas. Low cost biogas production for rural communities

Most families living in rural communities have small quantities of cattle, and manure. This may be sufficient to produce their own fuel and natural fertilizer using a biodigester - a natural system in which anaerobic digestion (absence of oxygen) by bacteria is used to produce biogas, which can be used as a fuel in cooking, heating and lighting.


The implementation of these sustainable and futuristic sources of energy makes a positive contribution to the economy in rural regions where poverty levels are high and lack accessibility to reliable household energy sources.


It also helps to improve and reestablish health levels in the region, since the manure that accumulates near homes is a focus of infection, foul odors and often flies, affecting residents' health.


The biodigester, in conjunction with eco-stoves as we have been told, constitutes a more complete and improved system, substituting the use of firewood, which is also a problem faced primarily by women who engage in cooking and who are directly exposed to wood smoke, which in turn causes respiratory illness, vision problems, and even cancer.


The project makes use not only of the biogas, but also its waste called biol, which is used as a natural fertilizer that enables a highly improved crop yield.


This also contributes to improving the environment, starting at home. In this case, home is the municipality of Salamanca, Guanajuato, where the project will be implemented. Of course, we do not intend for the idea to stay here, but that it may extend to other regions and places.


The design is low-cost, easy to install and low-maintenance, requiring local materials to build. We would train townspeople to install and maintain the biodigester.



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