Idea Phase (15 January-3 April 2018)

Eknis: sustainable kitchens for families at the base of the pyramid

At Eknis we firmly believe that every person in the world can, and should, be empowered to preserve our environment and our way of life through sustainable development. We have found a way to achieve this from our kitchens. The use of Tekoli, our biomass microgasifier for cooking allows us to generate a positive social and environmental impact on an unprecedented scale. And these are its benefits:


They burn the smoke: In the world, every year more people die from diseases related to indoor air pollution than from malaria and AIDS combined. When cooking with biomass gas, Tekoli users enjoy a flame that in the long run saves the lives of countless women and children around the world.


They save wood and money: Since the Tekoli system uses the chemical potential of the smoke instead of letting it escape outdoors, or channeling it through a chimney, users of these stoves can see their fuel consumption reduced by at least half. . This makes the stoves end up paying for themselves.


They produce charcoal and money: Tekoli means "coal" in Nahuatl, the ancestral language of central Mexico, from where our equipment originates. Our stoves generate as biochar waste a porous form of charcoal that, when enriched with microorganisms or natural fertilizers and mixed with the soil, produces an incomparable increase in crop yield. Families that use a Tekoli stove can sell the produced charcoal or use it themselves; in either case, its benefit is triple.


They displace and capture carbon: By using Tekoli systems and their waste, people tangibly displace and sequester the carbon that would otherwise return to the atmosphere through either combustion or decay processes.


They empower: The business model to extend the use of Tekoli stoves involves a scheme of microdistributors-consignment-financing that will allow people to make money while benefiting nature.



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