Idea Phase (15 January-3 April 2018)

Reflective youth: Participatory design of garments for cyclists of recycled materials

We are a group of young cyclists and designers from Aguascalientes, Mexico dedicated to promoting sustainable mobility, road safety and responsible consumption.


Aguascalientes is one of the states with the most cyclists in Mexico, with an average of 25% of households using bicycles as their main means of transportation (according to the 2016 National Household Income and Expenditure Survey of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography).


We see cycling as an important means of transport that helps reduce road pollution, lower CO2 emissions and improve the health of our community. However, local cyclists face multiple risks in their daily and nighttime mobility, including a high accident rate and cycling deaths. As young promoters of sustainable and safe mobility, we are designing a project to create reflective garments for cyclists based on recycled materials. The project will have the following stages:


1) Collection of recycled and reflective materials. That would involve the use of objects from our own recycling bins and also from neighbors and local businesses, including tetra packs and used tubes of bicycle tires. For this purpose, recycling points will be established in the offices of civil and state associations related to mobility and the environment. We also plan to collect cloth remnants from local producers, which we supplement with the purchase of highly reflective fabric strips.


2) Participatory design workshops with local youth and the 'slow fashion' movement of Aguascalientes.


3) Production of reflective garments for cyclists - including vests, bands, helmet covers and bags.


4) Dissemination of products locally. We hope to offer the products at an affordable price, and also donate at least 100 reflective garments to low-income cyclists.


5) Dissemination of the products and our methodology of participatory design at a national and international level, starting with the National Congress of Urban Cycling in November 2018, in Aguascalientes.


Through this project, we hope to contribute to sustainability, not only in the use of recycled materials in production, but also in the dissemination of products to promote cycling and sustainable mobility. In addition, our project will contribute to road safety, the creation of local jobs and responsible consumption.





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