Idea Phase (15 January-3 April 2018)

Green Chemistry for All

Green chemistry is a branch of chemistry that seeks sustainability, having well-established principles that, if used, can renew the environment in which we live.


The idea of ​​"Green Chemistry for All" is to bring this branch of chemistry to chemistry professionals and business, as well as students interested in science, thereby instilling this idea of ​​Green Chemistry in future professionals.


Creating courses, MOOCs, articles and all forms of scientific dissemination is essential to ensure that green chemistry grows in the scientific community as it should. As a reference, there are 12 principles of green chemistry to get an idea of ​​the impact that this branch of chemistry can have:


1-Prevent or minimize waste.

2-Maximize the atom economy.

3-Design experiments that use and generate substances with minimum toxicity. 4-Generate effective and safe products and/or waste.

5-Reduce the use of auxiliary substances.

6-Decrease energy consumption.

7-Use renewable raw materials.

8-Avoid unnecessary byproducts.

9-Use catalysts on stoichiometric reagents.

10-Design experiments that generate biodegradable products and/or waste.

11-Analyze processes in real time.

12-Avoid the risk of chemical accidents.


Expanding these issues and fostering them in research and their use in industry can have an exponential effect to change the environment for the better.



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