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Animal nutrition through transformation of organic waste

It is estimated that in Mexico 105 thousand tons of organic waste are generated daily, of these only 11% are given an adequate use. In order to address the inefficiency in the organic recycling sector, the "NUTRIORGANIC" feed was created, a product designed to promote an efficient recycling of organic waste, which through the use of technology is processed and transformed obtaining an added value, allowing generating a product of high quality, profitability, which is also committed to the environment. Nutriorganic is a mixture of organic ingredients, which uses avocado waste, it is estimated on average that each farmer generates a total of 200 tons of these residues, they inform us that they do not give any use to these, We use all the avocado that contains antioxidant compounds , unsaturated fatty acids and contains 60% starch. We occupy the egg shells discarded by the pastry companies to obtain a lactulose prebiotic. On the other hand; Insect meal, which is obtained from the larva of the soldier fly, is used as the main source of protein. One of the properties of the most popular insect meal, is that it has more than 60% protein and an optimal energy level is also rich in vitamins B12 as well as high levels of minerals, these insects are grown in various types of waste organic, which are previously treated by a predigestión, with this we can recover up to 80% of the nutrients that are contained in the organic waste. Nutriorganic through the use of avocado, which is rich in antioxidants which allows these compounds to achieve a long shelf life of the product. According to its nutritional composition based mainly on insect meal allows an excellent assimilation of nutrients and better bioavailability that is reflected in the growth and development of animals, obtaining greater efficiency in productivity in the livestock sector at lower cost . In the end, a balanced feed of organic origin is obtained, with a high percentage of protein, which when obtained by biological treatments of recyclable material has a higher nutritional value and a lower price than similar products on the market, thus, with a only action is achieved two objectives: to prevent waste contaminate and produce quality food for animals. By using the waste produced by the food industry we managed to close the cycle of the value chain, managing to reintegrate a large part of co-products, which traditionally are not well used, so we try to give sustainability to the food industry of meat. Generating an economic value to organic waste we make society and industries take more into account the separation of garbage, since currently there is not a good culture of waste classification, it is to emphasize that garbage has a value if it is separated , but if the organic is mixed with the inorganic, it loses its value, because it is contaminated, so there is no alternative but to bury it in landfills; With our initiative we want to solve these problems. The green marketing of our product allows us to host more niche markets, since many of our customers are farmers who preserve ecological care or who want to comply with certifications related to the environment and organic origin.


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2019 Winners
2019 Winners
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