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Kaska Dena Solar Project - A Diesel Dependent Arctic

If you're like me and believe that the world will be one day entirely solar powered, look no further! With your help, we can together build a demonstration Solar project with non other than Tesla in Watson Lake, Yukon, a off-grid community which currently relies on diesel generators. Let's prove all the nay sayers that solar in conjunction with batteries is a global solution, irrelevant of climates and location.

Currently living in Watson Lake, I am also working with the Kaska Dena Council, whom are deserving of a project like this to inspire their youth. With funding, I hope to invite the Honourable Catherine Mackenna to help me host a community meeting in Watson lake.

Thanks Everyone!!


My name is Eric Little, Founder of Dynamic Microgrids, a developer of renewable energy projects for Off-Grid Communities located in Canada's North. I am a 23 years old entrepreneur and university student. Last summer, we built a large solar rooftop project and research project in British Columbia, which is located on the rooftop of the Trades and Technology building on TRU campus in Kamloops. I recently relocated to Watson Lake, Yukon, an isolated village in Kaska Dena Traditional Territory, in hopes of building a 6MW Solar farm + 6MWh BESS here with the local First Nations Government. To accomplish this feet, we recently received comitments from a large California based battery manufacturer, whom have agreed to provide this historic turnkey system; being the largest of it's kind on the continent. Why? This project will demonstrate the economic feasibility of solar on a world stage: that location and climate no longer play a factor in the success of this technology. Although winter months saw a daily reduction in sunlight by 2-3hrs, this still amounted to significant energy potential as compared to none (being the misconception). I am proud to have stayed the winter, purely on the basis of collecting data to build our scientific case. Most notably, the prolonged exposure to sunlight during spring/summer/fall months will enable the community to purely consume solar energy. Currently, the Watson Lake micro-grid is powered strictly by a 5.3MW diesel generator, which burns 5 million litters of fuel annually, producing electricity at $0.54/kWh. We intent to achieve a minimum 60% reduction in diesel consumption per year, with solar having an ongoing cost of $0.18/kWh.


Thank you for your kind considerations,

Eric Little

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