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Sustainable Events

Our project empowers event planners at McGill University to integrate environmental, social, and economic sustainability into their planning and programming through the administration of three key services: An interactive web-tool, a consultation and certification program, and training workshops. In this digital age, organized events are critical sites for the exchange of ideas and values. We are applying to the CEC Youth ...more »

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Small Scale Waste to Energy

What is the problem? Approximately $162 billion dollars’ worth of food is wasted in North America each year, accounting for 40% of all food produced. This wasted food eventually ends up in landfills, where it decomposes and releases methane gas, a compound which is 25 times more toxic than carbon dioxide. In addition to the alarming environmental effects, food waste costs businesses upwards of $3.1 billion dollars per ...more »

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2017 Winners
2017 Winners