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There are over 70 million youth in North America. That’s a lot of good ideas.

Popular Ideas

Seed rain

Community Member

The idea is to reforest areas that have been devastated by deforestation and fires, for easier and faster than now. T...

Net Votes: 91 Number of Comments: 76

Bio-leaching as Sustainability

Martinez Muñoz Pamela Valeria

One of the major problems in landfills in large cities, is not only the large amount of municipal solid waste to be s...

Net Votes: 72 Number of Comments: 32


Roberto Ignacio Cortez Serrano

Respira is a project that seeks to address the lack of information on air pollution that is in most of the cities of ...

Net Votes: 59 Number of Comments: 22

Solar-wind powered boat

Brenda Denice Gerardo Iribe

Overpopulation and human activities have caused various environmental impacts, of which climate change has become one...

Net Votes: 47 Number of Comments: 33

Join the North American Youth Innovation Challenge Community!

Submit your bold idea for the chance to receive C$5,000 in seed funding and present your innovation to North America’s top environmental officials in Charlottetown, Canada this summer.

North America is facing urgent and complex sustainability challenges. Citizen leadership—including youth—is more important than ever to keep momentum going toward adoption of cleaner, carbon-neutral technologies and policies that ensure sustainable growth and job creation across North America.

As today’s visionaries and tomorrow’s decision-makers, young leaders will drive the green growth innovations that are critical to a sustainable future.

Canada, Mexico and the United States need innovative science, technology and business solutions to the following shared North American challenges:

  • Reducing air emissions
  • Reducing and diverting food waste
  • Preventing and managing invasive species
  • Reducing and managing marine litter
  • Mitigating the impacts of ocean acidification

Show us what you've got! Submit your bright idea and benefit from the collective intelligence of youth across North America.