2019 CEC Youth Innovation Challenge Evaluation Panel

Ten experts on the frontier of sustainable innovation in North America will serve on the idea evaluation panel for the 2019 Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) Youth Innovation Challenge. With backgrounds in startup ventures, corporate sustainability, academic collaboration and technical know-how, these experts will bring diverse perspectives and expertise to identify this year's semifinalists of the Challenge.

Each week, one of the evaluation panel members will act as a featured expert on the platform, commenting and asking questions on submitted ideas.


Omar Chavez Alegría

Coordinator for Sustainable Development, Autonomous University of Querétaro


Brock Dickinson

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo


Anna Ehrhardt

Director of Administration and Academic Relations, District 3 Innovation Center, Concordia University


Daniel Forget

Operations Coordinator, Directorate for Undergraduate Programs, Université Laval


Sabaa Khan

JPAC Chair for 2019, Senior Researcher, Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law, University of Eastern Finland


Adrián Lozano Garza

JPAC Member, Director of Operations, Sociedad Sostenible, AC (Sosac)


Amelia Reyna Monteros Guijón

Traditional Ecological Knowledge Expert Group member, Traditional Medicine Expert and Programmer Analyst


Daniel Moses

Small Business Programs Manager, Oklahoma Catalyst Programs, Tom Love Innovation Hub, University of Oklahoma


Cassandra Rigsby

Director, Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (I-CCEW Norman), University of Oklahoma


Klaudia Sánchez Espíndola

Academic Coordinator for the Bachelor's Degree Program in Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, Faculty of Social Responsibility, Anáhuac University México


Robert W. Varney

JPAC Member, President, Normandeau Associates